Beezid: Find Affordable Electronic Gadgets with Great Quality

It’s a penny auction website. Where you can get super cheap electronic gadgets with good quality.

What is a penny auction in beezid?

A penny auction is a sale where buyers’ pay per bid for an item and the time rises with each bid. The successful bidder is the buyer who have done the last bid when the clock counts down to 0 seconds.

beezid reviews

beezid reviews

Not all sale websites are the same so before becoming an authorized member, make sure that you read the rules carefully.

How it work?

You purchase bid packs (example, 100 bids in 50$), which let you to place 100 bids. When you bid on a sale, it increases the price by 1 cent. The last bidders to bid on the auction when it ends, gets to buy the item for that price. Usually you can get expensive items like an xbox 360 for $23, but there is a chance that you could place all 100 of your bids and win nothing. Then you would be out the $50 for the bid pack you purchased. Or you could get lucky and win.

For example, if an item worth 1,000 currency units (euros, dollars etc.) sells at a final price of 60, and a bid estimate 1 raises the price of the item by 0.01, the auctioneer receives 6,000 for the 6,000 bids and 60 as the final price, a total of 6,060, a profit of 5,060. If the winning bidder used 150 bids in the process, they would have paid 150 for the bids plus 60 for the final price, a total of 210 and a saving of 790. All the other, dropping, buyers collectively paid 5,850 and received nothing.

How to win at beezid bid?

Best penny auction sites to join:

A penny auction site has chances of your winning is direct proportion with the number of site users. If your subscription site is very popular than your chances of winning something will drop significantly. This is because according to the user database, the number of people bidding on that site will be counted, thus making it tougher for you to win. Right now the easiest web site you can win is beezid.

Check your internet connection:



To your right you can see a speed test widget. Click on it and begin your test. You need an internet connection of minimum 265KBps to be able to bid on penny auction sites. Something below can result in delays between you and the server and that will lead to timer delay. We do not want delay, with slow internet connection we can be like 3 seconds later, making it unfeasible for us to keep up with the rest of the buyers.

Pick a smart username:

The members of beezid penny auctions are people like you and me, and the only way to win is either by having a lucky day or by out-smarting the people we bid against. I don’t know about you but I don’t believe in luck. You can select between two types of usernames, intimidating or sneaky.


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